Indhira LUNA real name Indhira Nuñez was born on May 6 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Very early she will falling in love of France and the French language that she’s going to begin to studied since childhood in Venezuela.

A few years later she will land in Paris following his dreams.

Accompanied by his guitar knowing the repertoire of great French singers like Piaf, Aznavour, Dalida ... Indhira them started singing in Montmartre and in many clubs and cabarets of the City of Light.

With just a few bills in his pocket and all her dreams, she decided to stay and try his luck in the music.

Since, confirmed artist, author, composer, performer, producer, dancer and actress recently.
Indhira Luna performing in many French cabarets in Montmartre, Le Quartier Latin.
She participates in various castings and contests, radio and TV shows. And collaborates with different artists of the French and international scene as Benjy Nec Maroons and PARADISIO. And in 2015 she sang for the Jacksons family foundation.

As well as numerous concerts in Mexico, France and Europe, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Stonie, Denmark, Belgium ...
Since 2008 it she will introduce us various songs and compositions with acidulous sonorities including “Ange et Démon”,“Mi Amor” in 2013 and her latest single produced by herself released in September 2015 "Oh Paris je t'aime "
This Latin girl mix of passion and romance at the French way have made of Indhira Luna artist she is today the most Latin of French artists and is at once the most French of Latino artists.
Indhira Luna is also very committed to the community life of the City of Paris, especially the Republic of Montmartre she is an active member since 2015. It also supports the association “Les Souffles de l’espoire” that helps people with the moucovisidoses since 2014.

She transports us up with her songs a mix of differents rhythms, pop, Latin, electro… his own style what it describes as "La Frech -Latino "

She transports us with the enthusiasm and dynamism that characterize her to unknown lands.

Indhira LUNA a very original artist to discover right now!
Indhira LUNA the new voice of pop french-Latino!
Indhira Luna the sun of Parisian nights!